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NO CONCERT ON TIAN AN MEN SQUARE ? by mlp on 22/09/2004. [read 1 comment]

Yesterday, during the radio show Le Fou Du Roi on France Inter, Jean Michel Jarre denied the possibility of a concert on the Tian An Men square itself and declared all the announcements on web sites about this venue were wrong. Jean Michel confirmed the concert venue will be located inside the Forbidden City only, despite several web sites announcing the concert in Peking to be split up in a part .... [MORE]

POSSIBLE CONCERT IN BULGARIA by kidda on 14/03/2004. [read 3 comments]

The Foreign Affairs spokesperson for Bulgaria, Lyubomir Todorov announced on the 9th March that Bulgaria and Romania are preparing to mark their entry into NATO by celebrating with a spectacular Jean Michel Jarre concert at the Danube Bridge. Details are very sketchy at the moment as this project is still in the early stages of conception, but we will of course keep you updated with news of t .... [MORE]

AERO CONCERT REPORT by kidda on 07/09/2002. [read 8 comments]

Well - a night to remember...the day started badly when the heavens opened at 15:30 - it rained heavy for about 2 hours - it really did chuck it down! The rain then came and went throughout the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. At 20:15 an announcement was made to say that the concert would continue despite the conditions out on the site. Personally I feel it would have been bet .... [MORE]

IT'S CONCERT DAY! by kidda on 07/09/2002. [comments?]

The team are now at the concert site and the build up has begun. There are quite a few thousand people at the site already, which is getting very muddy! We hope to have some pictures online shortly, with some spectacular views of the entire site and it's backdrop. Stay tuned! [MORE]

HEJ FROM AALBORG by revo on 05/09/2002. [comments?]

Just a small update at the moment from Aalborg, after surviving the trip yesterday (taxi, plane, bus and train) ;-) We have been to the concert site this morning (and we got lost), however there will be signposts on Saturday to aid you. However we advise you to use public transport on Saturday, since the local roads to Gammel Vra Enge are small and have NO lights at all. Further, the car park .... [MORE]

LIVE SMS REPORTS NOW ONLINE by revo on 04/09/2002. [comments?]

Our LIVE SMS reports have now started, although do not expect too much in the next day or so... :-) Anyone can view the reports online, simply click the Aero SMS logo on our front page. It is your last chance if you are going to Aalborg and want to become a LIVE SMS reporter! Join now! We hope you enjoy the LIVE SMS report service. [MORE]

AERO CONCERT PREVIEW by revo on 03/09/2002. [comments?]

The concert can be expected to quite different from Jarre's recent shows. The most stark fact about the concert is the number of musicians that will be on-stage, with only Jean Michel Jarre and Francis Rimbert present form the usual 'tribe'. Special guests Safri Duo will appear on some tracks, along with an orchestra and two different choirs. See our Who's Who? news article for more information .... [MORE]

AERO PRODUCTION PARTNERS by revo on 03/09/2002. [comments?]

For all of you who like to know a bit more about the technical set-up for Aero and who is involved this time... ;-) Stage, roof and towers - European Staging Staging - Nordisk Scene Lightning - Seelite A/S A/V Systems - Comtech Projections - ETC Audiovisuel Sound system - Moto APS Power - Nordisk Fugtteknik A/S Trucking - O.E.L. Rental Phyrotechnic - H. C. Ander .... [MORE]

AERO CONCERT SCHEDULE by revo on 03/09/2002. [comments?]

Schedule for Aero - A Celebration of the Wind for Saturday 7th September. 15:00: Concert Site Opens Stalls open selling food, drink and official Aero merchandise. 15:00-19:00: A Tribute to the Wind Various kinds of entertainment will be staged within the concert site, with all acts themed on the wind. Air show featuring Ultra Light planes, including an exhibition and talk on Ultra Ligh .... [MORE]

AERO FACTS (NO SPOILERS) by revo on 03/09/2002. [comments?]

Some facts concerning Aero, with no concert spoilers included The production of Jean Michel Jarre’s AERO concert is estimated at 20 million Danish Kroner (DKr). 35,000 people have purchased a ticket for Jean Michel Jarre’s AERO. The ticket sales reported everything sold out after less than four weeks. The audience come from 24 different nations around the world: Germany, France, Engl .... [MORE]

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