by revo on 03/09/2002.

Some facts concerning Aero, with no concert spoilers included

  • The production of Jean Michel Jarre’s AERO concert is estimated at 20 million Danish Kroner (DKr).

  • 35,000 people have purchased a ticket for Jean Michel Jarre’s AERO. The ticket sales reported everything sold out after less than four weeks.

  • The audience come from 24 different nations around the world: Germany, France, England, Ireland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, USA, Canada, Libya, Russia, and Mexico.

  • The concert venue is a 66,000 square metres field in the middle of a wind farm at Gl. Vrå Enge, north of Aalborg.

  • The area is surrounded by 15 NEG Micon wind turbines that make up the background and scene for the show.

  • The concert is the largest special production ever made in Denmark.

  • The lights weigh more than 60 Tonnes and consist of 1,000 different lamps that combined use 1.7 million Watts/ 7400 Amps.

  • The stage is 36 metres wide and 18 metres deep. The roof of the stage is 18 metres high.

  • The back wall of the stage weighs 160 tonnes alone, being 30 metres wide and 18 metres tall and will be used for gigantic projection of images.

  • The sound system is a 100,000 Watt system.

  • The concert consists of two hours of fireworks programmed by computers.

  • A total of 5 tonnes of gunpowder will be used for fireworks.

  • About 700 assistants, security staff, stage workers, light people, truck drivers, scaffolding workers, etc. are involved in AERO. Approximately 110 of these belong Muskelsvindfonden’s corps of volunteers. Apart from this, 150 persons from the Danish Home Guard will guide the traffic on the day of the concert.