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OŁ SONT LES FEMMES ? GETS THE R&B TREATMENT by mlp on 22/02/2002. [comments?]

French band Class Vegas has recorded the track Les Femmes, being a mix of two famous 70s songs, Patrick Juvet's Oł Sont Les Femmes ? and Let's Groove by Earth, Wind and Fire. The new song is a mix of the two tracks, being re-recorded and are R&B ! Les Femmes was recorded for the film Sexy Boys, a French variant of the hit movie American Pie, released in France at the end of December. Les .... [MORE]

SOUVENIR OF CHINA REMIX BY FIRE & ICE by revo on 27/01/2002. [comments?]

A trance remix of Jean Michel Jarre's classic Souvenir of China was released back in September 2001 by duo Fire & Ice. Originally the track was only released on 12" vinyl single on the XTC label, with the single currently unavailable from the label. However the track has already spawned itself onto numerous trance compilation albums on CD (click the title to buy the item online - click the pi .... [MORE]

J'TE FLASHE, J'TE LOVE by mlp on 16/12/2001. [comments?]

As reported back in October, the next few months would see Jean Michel Jarre involved in various projects, which is being viewed as experimental, before works begins properly on the next studio album. These projects have included Interior Music for Bang & Olufsen, jingles for new TV channel Match-TV, etc. The adventure continues, with details of the latest project, which will be released to the .... [MORE]

NEW VERSION OF GIVE ME A SIGN DITCHED by revo on 18/05/2001. [comments?]

A brand new version of Give Me A Sign was recorded at the start of 2000 with Japanese vocalist Crystal Kay. Originally a version was recored in English and was set to be the second single from Metamorphoses, before Tout est Bleu was decided as the single instead. However there were plans for the track still to be used and for a version to be recorded in Japanese by Crystal Kay. The pla .... [MORE]