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AERO MERCHANDISE by revo on 03/09/2002. [comments?]

The following official merchandise is expected to be on sale at the concert site on Saturday: Aero T-shirt Aero sweatshirt Aero jacket Little model windmill Aero poster (70cm x 100cm) Aero concert programme In addition, there are also some other items fans maybe interested in purchasing this weekend. A special Aero portrait has been created by Danish painter Esben Hanefelt .... [MORE]

AKROPOLIS PHOTOBOOK UPDATE by revo on 19/06/2002. [read 2 comments]

As reported on here last month, a photobook of the Akropolis concerts has recently been released, which is available exclusively from Elpida in Greece. We have just been informed that Elpida are now accepting credit card payments for the book, which should make things a lot easier for fans to order the book. There are two different methods of payment, by credit card or by bank transfer. .... [MORE]

OFFICIAL AKROPOLIS PHOTOBOOK RELEASED by revo on 27/05/2002. [read 11 comments]

Almost one year on from the Akropolis concerts that Jean Michel Jarre staged in Athens, Greece, the official photobook from the event has just been released. Simply entitled, Akropolis, the book is exclusively available from Elpida in Greece. Elpida ('Hope' in English) is the charity who helps children who are suffering with cancer. Money from the concerts last year went towards building a ch .... [MORE]

NEW DAP JUKEBOX AUCTION IN THE NETHERLANDS by revo on 15/02/2002. [comments?]

After a few months silence (probably allowing people to get over Christmas?!), a new DAP jukebox auction has kicked off today in The Netherlands. The item is available on (click link to bid) and bidding closes at 12:47:13 (CET) on Friday 22nd February. More information about this particular auction can be found on the Dutch music site Please see earlier news items in the .... [MORE]

SECOND DAP JUKEBOX AUCTION IN BELGIUM by revo on 04/12/2001. [comments?]

A second DAP jukebox auction is currently underway in Belgium, two and half months after the last auction was conducted there. To view the auction page, click here, with the auction concluding on Wednesday 5th December at 12:35:08 (CET). Apologies for the late notice of the auction, we just spotted it now! View our previous news items concerning the special Jean Michel Jarre DAP jukebox, limi .... [MORE]


Following on from the last DAP jukebox auction in France, which concluded two weeks ago, two more countries are now offering the special Jean Michel Jarre jukebox. Italy started their auction of one DAP jukebox on Sunday 21st October and the auction concludes on Wednesday 31st October at 16:17 (CET). To view details of the auction and to make your bid, visit Spain started their DA .... [MORE]

SECOND DAP JUKEBOX AUCTION UNDERWAY IN FRANCE by revo on 01/10/2001. [comments?]

The second DAP jukebox French auction has now commenced, with the auction closing on Monday 8th October at 18:03 (CET). To bid for the item, click here. Follow this thread to view older news items concerning auctions of the Jean Michel Jarre DAP jukebox in other European countries. [MORE]

DAP AUCTION UPDATE by revo on 25/09/2001. [comments?]

A further update on the special Jean Michel Jarre DAP jukebox auctions occuring throughout Europe at present by Creative Labs. Click here to read the previous news article concering the auctions. Below we will present a summary of auctions on-going, auctions planned and auctions completed. Information has been supplied to us by Creative Europe, however the information we have received does no .... [MORE]


Following on from the UK auction of the special Jean Michel Jarre limited editon DAP jukebox in July, there are now auctions taking place in Belgium and Poland. The Belgian auction finishes at 20:00 (CET) on Wednesday 19th September (whoops, we missed it at first - sorry ;-) ), although only Belgian residents can bid for the item. A page in Flemmish outlining the auction can be found here, and .... [MORE]

MONEY FOR SOMETHING - UK AUCTION COMPLETED by revo on 31/07/2001. [comments?]

The UK auction for the Creative Labs DAP jukebox finished yesterday and fetched an incredible 821, higher than the Genesis or Mark Knopfler DAP jukeboxes. To view the final results of the UK auction hosted by QXL, click here. To follow the thread of old news articles concerning the DAP jukebox, follow this link. However fans who thought their chance has gone to own one of these special DAP j .... [MORE]

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