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AERO CHART POSITION RISES IN UK by revo on 13/10/2004. [comments?]

Aero has climbed to two places to 23 in the official UK album chart, while in France it has dropped from second to fifth place. Official UK album chart Official French album chart [MORE]

AERO HOLDS SECOND PLACE IN FRANCE by revo on 06/10/2004. [comments?]

Aero has held on to second place in the French album charts, not being able to beat Ben Harper & the Blind Boys of Alabama to pole position. While in the official UK album charts, Aero has dropped to 25th position. Official UK album chart Official French album chart [MORE]

AERO CHART POSITIONS IN UK AND FRANCE by revo on 29/09/2004. [comments?]

Aero has charted into the UK's top 20, making number 14 in it's first week of release, while it has hit number 2 in the French album chart. Official UK album chart Official French album chart [MORE]

REMIXES AND DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF AEROLOGY by mlp on 22/09/2004. [comments?]

Different versions of the song Aerology, the first promo single from the new album Aero are already heard around on the radio as well as on the internet. A different version, yet very close to the original, of Aerology can be found online on the web site of Wanadoo website. Yesterday, Jean Michel Jarre presented a remix of Aerology by the French rock group Neimo, the version is close the origina .... [MORE]

LIMITED EDITION OF AERO RELEASED IN FRANCE by revo on 22/09/2004. [read 1 comment]

French hypermarket retailer Carrefour have a limited edition release of Aero for sale. The bonus is a 52 page book included with the Aero CD/DVD and is strictly only available in Carrefour in France. The frustrating news for fans is that it appears the CD/DVD/book release is only available by visiting one of the stores in person, it is not available online and there is no other means of obtain .... [MORE]

AERO by kidda on 19/09/2004. [read 1 comment]

20th September 2004 sees the release the Jean Michel Jarre's latest album. The new album entitled AERO is a selection of Jean Michel's greatest hits but this time a twist - the tracks on the album have been fully re-recorded note for note in 5.1 surround sound. Packaged as a standard CD and DVD, AERO will immerse the listener into a curricular wall of sound, much like a DVD movie. T .... [MORE]

AERO ALBUM UPDATE by mlp on 27/10/2003. [comments?]

We can now announce more details concerning the news article posted last week about the Aero album. The title of Jean Michel Jarre's next release will indeed be called Aero, however unlike we have announced, this will not be a complete new studio album. There has been some confusion with our previous article, which we want to correct this time and put the facts correct. The confusion is due to .... [MORE]

NEW STUDIO ALBUM FOR JM JARRE by mlp on 20/10/2003. [read 5 comments]

Jean Michel Jarre is currently composing his next album in his new studio. The studio album (not to be confused with the Best Of or other project releases), is announced to be released during 2004, and will be entitled 'Aero'. However as we know from the past, album titles do often change in the production process ... [MORE]

WHAT A LOVELY BUNCH OF COCONUTS by revo on 27/06/2003. [comments?]

A version of Jarre's classic track, Oxygene 2, has been covered by artist Senor Coconut and His Orchestra, and is available on his most recent album, Fiesta Songs. The album has already been released in Europe and will be released in the USA next month. Buy Fiesta Songs at online now! Buy Fiesta Songs at online now! Buy Fiesta Songs at online now! Buy .... [MORE]

LES GRANGES BRLES UK RELEASE DELAYED by revo on 17/03/2003. [comments?]

The UK release of the soundtrack Les Granges Brles, has been put back by four weeks, with it now scheduled for release on Monday 28th April. Links to UK sites selling the CD will be online in due course. Click here for more information about the release and for fans who are too impatient to wait for six weeks, and want to order the album online now. [MORE]

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