by revo on 03/09/2002.

Schedule for Aero - A Celebration of the Wind for Saturday 7th September.

15:00: Concert Site Opens
Stalls open selling food, drink and official Aero merchandise.

15:00-19:00: A Tribute to the Wind
Various kinds of entertainment will be staged within the concert site, with all acts themed on the wind.

  • Air show featuring Ultra Light planes, including an exhibition and talk on Ultra Light planes.
  • Parachute display, with an information stall on parachute jumping.
  • Model plane show, performed by Denmark’s best model plane pilots, featuring an exhibition of model planes and helicopters.
  • Glider show and exhibition.
  • Stunt flying show.
  • The dancing studio, Dance Action, perform a large dance show inspired by the wind and other elements.
  • Masketeatret Dunfelfonden, winner of the culture prize of Northern Jutland, performs together with the samba band Poco Loco.

    19:00-21:00: Soundbreaks
    Jean Michel Jarre presents a sound and vision experience as a prelude to Aero.

    Approx. 21:00: Aero
    Jean Michel Jarre performs Aero. The concert will feature guest appearances by Safri Duo, the Symphonic Orchestra of Aalborg and Coro Misto & Klarup girls’ choir.

    The concert will end approximately at 23:00.