by kidda on 07/09/2002.

Well - a night to remember...the day started badly when the heavens opened at 15:30 - it rained heavy for about 2 hours - it really did chuck it down! The rain then came and went throughout the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.

At 20:15 an announcement was made to say that the concert would continue despite the conditions out on the site.

Personally I feel it would have been better to cancel for the evening and go for the Sunday evening - but the countdown to AERO continued...

The usual Waiting For Cousteau was played over the PA to warm up the crowd, but this failed to get them going.

The concert started at around 21:20 and progressed until heavens opened in a down-pour wich left some fans running for shelter.

If this was a horse-race - the going underfoot would have been classed as "soft"!!

The rain continued while Rendez-Vous 4 and Oxygene 13 was played.

Jean Michel looked really disapointed, and I think he will not be returning to Denmark in hurry!

The Revolution team will be shortly trying to fight their way out of the mud and back onto "dry" land...

This one will go down as the worst condition for a Jarre concert EVER - even beating Destination Docklands...