by revo on 03/09/2002.

The concert can be expected to quite different from Jarre's recent shows. The most stark fact about the concert is the number of musicians that will be on-stage, with only Jean Michel Jarre and Francis Rimbert present form the usual 'tribe'. Special guests Safri Duo will appear on some tracks, along with an orchestra and two different choirs. See our Who's Who? news article for more information and links.

Whether the fact that only Jarre and Rimbert are present is an artistic statement or is to do with concert finances remains to be seen. Encouraging news for the music comes in the form of Joachim Garraud of Square Prod, who have been hired to created the 'sound' for the concert. Their work was most notable on The Twelve Dreams of the Sun with some excellent transitions, most notably the Millennium Countdown. The sounds of wind, windmills and printing presses are set to be included in the concert, with sixteen (16) tracks due to be played at Aero.

The visual element sets to be good, with a fairly large backdrop constructed from shipping continers. Original plans for a number of screens in the shape of kites seems to have biten the dust. A combination of finances and safety fears has apparently put paid to this lavish idea for the concert. A large amount of fireworks have also been promised for Aero.

The crew for the concert is something odd for Jarre, they are all mostly Danish! Jarre has been famed for hiring people from all over the world in the past, however Aero has a very Scandinavian feel to it. Our Production Partners news item lists who is involved on a technical level.

We would like to hear from all fans about Aero, whether you are attending, watching it live on the Internet, listening to it on the radio or catching the TV broadcast. Please our news forum (Write Comment at the bottom of this page) or email us at for long reviews!

Let's hope Aero is a great success this weekend.