by kidda on 07/09/2002.

8 by hyggebo on 04/12/2003 00:24:00 CET

I realy hope JMJ will come to Denmark as soon as posibel, it was exepsionel.
My wife and i was there!! The wether was danis wether.

7 by r3mix3r on 09/09/2002 16:55:48 CET

Whoa ... i thought nothing could beat docklands ... i feel for all the wet people out there !

6 by Raver on 09/09/2002 12:02:36 CET

For myself I would say this was a fantastic event. Okay, after the show, I went 3 hours thru all the mud to catch a bus that will take me to the Aalborg railwaystation.
But I would do this again, because it was a realy amazing concert. In fact, the weather was really bad, but it could have been harder. Imaging it could have rain ALL the time. So I stand in the mud and was happy that it stopped raining for the most time of the concert.

5 by Lytter1 on 08/09/2002 23:06:21 CET

Hi I will just say the concert was great but the weather was bad, you can see more on this page:
Here is a streaming from a part og the concert in Gl. Vraa enge.

4 by mrv on 08/09/2002 15:16:01 CET

I just returned from the concert by car.
It was a fantastic experience I can tell you.
I had bought a VIP ticket and I was feeling very sorry for the other 30000 people. I was really pouring down at the end of the concert.

The quality of the music and show was very good. Nice light beams, fireworks, projections etc.

I'm now going to sleep. I'll give a review in a short while



3 by Gavin_In_The_Valleys on 08/09/2002 14:59:04 CET

Greece was obviously the start of Jarre returning to his pure self again. He must have realised what the mistakes of the past few years were and gone out to correct them. Greece and the show yesterday showed that he's given up trying to make a statement with his music (all analogue, vocals or techno) and is just being himself once more.

Last night was proper quality Jarre music, well played, well produced and well written.

Lets hope what comes next is just as positive.

Oh yeah and isn't is strange that this change in musical style has started since he left Sony :)

2 by Andy_M on 08/09/2002 07:57:29 CET

Well, i guess it must have been pretty bad for those who were standing in the rain for hours on end, but I, being one of those who watched it from the comfort of their own homes, must say that it was an amazing concert. Oxygene Part 4 and Chronologie Part 6 were some of the best I've ever heard. Also, seeing Jarre play the bass and that weird flute/clarinet/whatever it was thing was a VERY nice touch.

of course, the webcast wasn't exactly the friendlist of things to deal with, but most of us managed to catch the later part of the show. and what a show it was =D

from a musical perspective, i think that AERO has to be one of jarre's best performances. it is right up there with La Defense and most of Europe in Concert.

any thoughts?

1 by Howie on 08/09/2002 00:05:56 CET

Well I can be the first to second your comments Kidda, a night to remember... Pity I spent most of it in the presstent to avoid the vile conditions. Here's hoping we get out of here sometime before tomorrow noon!