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CONCERTS IN MONTE CARLO ANNOUNCED by kidda on 29/05/2005. [read 7 comments]

Jean Michel Jarre has announced two concerts in Monte-Carlo as part of the Sporting Summer Festival programme. The concerts will be held on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August 2005. Tickets for the concert are now on sale. There are two prices for tickets: Dinner and Concert: Ä175 Drink only and Concert: Ä95 [MORE]

BEIJING LIVE SMS UPDATE PROBLEM by revo on 11/10/2004. [read 1 comment]

Unfortunately, our live SMS update has suffered a major hiccup that has caused it to fail since Friday - with the problem being the system which is running on has no one there since the person is in China for the concert. Therefore, our system this time has not worked to expectation, so apologies for the problem, but we hope our updates during the past few days from Asia and Europe have compensat .... [MORE]

FINAL CONCERT TRACK LISTING by revo on 10/10/2004. [comments?]

The following is the final concert track listing for Jean Michel Jarre's concert today at the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Please note that track titles have been translated to English when relevant and have been taken from the official concert programme. Forbidden City track listing Tiananmen Square track listing [MORE]

REVELATIONS IN BEIJING by kidda on 10/10/2004. [read 1 comment]

Wow! What a day we had yesterday! From what the production team were saying, things were not looking good for the 60+ fans to witness the dress rehearsal on Saturday evening. At 15:30 came the news we had been waiting for. We all needed to get copies of our passport and visas to the production team, and there was a possibility we could enter. So we all made a mad dash for our hotels to obt .... [MORE]

TIANANMEN SQUARE CONCERT TRACK LISTING by revo on 08/10/2004. [comments?]

We can now show you what is scheduled to be performed on Sunday evening, however this time for the Tiananmen Square show which is due to last approximately 20 minutes. Click here for the track listing for the Tiananmen Square part of the concert * SPOILER ALERT * Thanks again to the 'Usual Suspects'... N.B. - Please do NOT put contents of the track listing elsewhere on the net, including .... [MORE]

BEIJING REHEARSAL GALLERY ONLINE by revo on 08/10/2004. [read 1 comment]

A gallery of photos from the rehearsal of the Forbidden City concert is now online - which can be viewed by clicking here. [MORE]


If you are interested in the track listing from tonights rehearsal from the main stage inside the Forbidden City, then click below. Click here for the track listing for the Forbidden City part of the concert * SPOILER ALERT * Thanks to the 'Usual Suspects' direct from the Forbidden City in Beijing... N.B. - Please do NOT put contents of the track listing elsewhere on the net, including fo .... [MORE]

BEIJING UPDATE by kidda on 08/10/2004. [comments?]

Last night we saw some rehearsals and great looking projections. The stage is a similar design to Aero with Jarre and Rimbert in the centre surrounded by their keyboard rig, with screens in front of them. Jarre also has a set of tubular bells for Aerology. Although itís not as exciting without a full band on stage (drummer, bass guitarist etc) itís partly made up for by the presence of 2 Chinese O .... [MORE]

LIVE SMS RETURNS TO REVOLUTION! by kidda on 06/10/2004. [read 1 comment]

Our very popular LIVE SMS reporting service is back and will be coming to you from China for The Forbidden City concert. To read "Live SMS", click here! Enjoy! [MORE]

BEIJING CONCERT FACTS & TRACKLIST by mlp on 04/10/2004. [read 6 comments]

With the final preparations and rehearsals starting this week in Beijing, Revolution can now announce the latest final details about Jean Michel Jarreís next outdoor concert in Beijing for the opening of the Year of France in China, on Sunday 10 October 2004. Jean Michel Jarre will be joined on stage by several Chinese artists, amongst them the Symphonic Orchestra of Beijing conducted by Tan Li .... [MORE]

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