by revo on 25/09/2001.

A further update on the special Jean Michel Jarre DAP jukebox auctions occuring throughout Europe at present by Creative Labs. Click here to read the previous news article concering the auctions.

Below we will present a summary of auctions on-going, auctions planned and auctions completed. Information has been supplied to us by Creative Europe, however the information we have received does not tally up with what is actually happening, which is described below in respective situations.

We will keep you up-to-date of further auctions and many thanks to Creative Europe for the information.

Auctions Currently On-going

  • Denmark - four DAP jukeboxes are available - auction concludes on Sunday 30th September at 21:00 (CET).

    Link to Qxl.com for Danish auctions

  • Finland, Norway and Sweden - there should be one DAP jukebox up for auction in each country, however the link on Creative Europe directs you to the Danish auction of four DAP jukeboxes. Although we have not received confirmation to date, it seems that the four DAP jukeboxes in the Danish auction are split between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden! Click on the Denmark link above to bid.

  • France - one DAP jukebox is available - auction concludes on Monday 1st October at 11:36 (CET). Plans were for two DAP jukeboxes to be auctioned, however only one is available at present.

    Link to ebay.fr for the French auction

    Auctions Planned

  • Germany - one DAP jukebox originally planned for auction during September, now pushed out to October - TBA

  • Spain - one DAP jukebox planned for auction during mid-October - TBA

  • Italy - one DAP jukebox planned for auction - TBA

  • Ukraine - one DAP jukebox planned for auction - TBA

    Auctions Completed

  • UK - one DAP jukebox auctioned.

  • Belgium - one DAP jukebox auctioned, however two DAP jukeboxes planned to be auctioned.

  • Poland - one DAP jukebox auctioned.