by revo on 31/07/2001.

The UK auction for the Creative Labs DAP jukebox finished yesterday and fetched an incredible 821, higher than the Genesis or Mark Knopfler DAP jukeboxes. To view the final results of the UK auction hosted by QXL, click here. To follow the thread of old news articles concerning the DAP jukebox, follow this link.

However fans who thought their chance has gone to own one of these special DAP jukeboxes can breathe a sigh of relief. In all, there are a total of 30 Jean Michel Jarre DAP jukeboxes up for auction (each one is signed by Jean Michel and are numbered 1/30, 2/30, etc.) These jukeboxes will be auctioned on auction sites in other European countries (however another UK auction will not happen) and some European countries will host a 'Dutch' auction ('Dutch' meaning there will be more than one jukebox for auction at the same time).

The other European countries are currently all planned to commence their auctions in September. Of course we will let you know the exact dates once they have been confirmed.