by revo on 03/09/2002.

The following official merchandise is expected to be on sale at the concert site on Saturday:

  • Aero T-shirt
  • Aero sweatshirt
  • Aero jacket
  • Little model windmill
  • Aero poster (70cm x 100cm)
  • Aero concert programme

    In addition, there are also some other items fans maybe interested in purchasing this weekend.

  • A special Aero portrait has been created by Danish painter Esben Hanefelts, shown below.

    The poster will be availble in Aalborg for 200DKr, limited to 3,000. A real painting, limited to 300, will also be available, however it will cost you 4,800DKr + tax!

    For more information, email or visit:

    Boulevarden 13
    9000 Aalborg
    Phone: +45 9931 1622

    A web page featuring information has disappeared as has just been relaunched :-)

  • Appetize magazine have two new issues featuring Jean Michel Jarre. The lifestyle magazine contains a 3 page interview, which can be downloaded here. There is also a 28 page special issue totally dedicated to Aero, with 200,000 copies printed!

  • A photobook of the concert is also expected to be released within the next few months. More information about the publication to follow in the coming weeks.