by revo on 27/05/2002.

11 by Amarokgirl on 08/06/2002 22:00:40 CET

Is there any way to me get the book...? If there is....please let me know....
My e-mail:

10 by DV on 01/06/2002 13:49:50 CET


Yes, you're right, it's for charity, so nothing is expensive in that case.

9 by DV on 01/06/2002 13:48:18 CET


Perhaps "official" was not the right word to express what I was thinking about ... The thing is that the book is only available via Elpida (in Greece), and not distributed widely everywhere in Europe (in the World ?).

Items related to JMJ are becoming more and more "confidential", I mean, all those limited CD, books, and I'm not speaking about the DVD problem !

I hope that my thought are clearer now ... ;)

8 by communicator on 30/05/2002 18:09:07 CET

Hallo from Hamburg/Germany!

Is there anybody who has received an email from Elpida as an order confirm???

Thanks for replying.

Matthias. See you all in Arhus this September!

7 by revo on 28/05/2002 15:20:21 CET

I am not sure what DV means by the book not being official? The book is as official as any of the previous photobook releases, such as The Twelve Dreams of the Sun, Concert for Tolerance, Europe in Concert, Paris La Défense... It even features an introduction written by JMJ (like has happened in some of the previous publications), if that is not the 'stamp of approval', then what is? :-)

6 by Cousteau on 28/05/2002 11:50:30 CET

75 Euros? yeah, lot a money for a book, but it's going to a good charity, so i don't care! :-) Plus the quality of the photos (and grabs/artwork) look good, so.... anyone seen my wallet? ;-)

5 by DV on 28/05/2002 10:17:02 CET

One more thing ... Ok, it's for a charity organisation, but 75 euros ! I mean ... Waow ! That's a lot of money for a book !

4 by DV on 28/05/2002 10:13:43 CET

Great news ! But, it seems that one more time, this is not an "official" item, I mean, released by the Jarre Team ...
I'm definately unable to understand a single word on all those marketing things ...

3 by miltex on 28/05/2002 09:11:58 CET

This seems like a realy nice book, best for some time! Though what about a DVD...? Time for JMJ to get something on that format more worth the name quality then the only release so far.......

2 by mundt on 28/05/2002 01:13:34 CET

Nice news. I only missed a Moscow photobook, but i guess it could be a nice idea to produce a 2nd biography book with concert photos of Moscow, Swatch and Legends of the Lost City. For now thank you again for this great concert souvenir.

1 by lsainsbury on 27/05/2002 23:10:24 CET

La Defense, Concert Pour La Tolerance, Millennium Concert...what have they all go in common?    They all have concert books recording the Akropolis will join you ever growing Jarre concert book collection...a real "Souvenir of Athens" :-)

Great news!! Get your order in NOW!