by revo on 27/05/2002.

Almost one year on from the Akropolis concerts that Jean Michel Jarre staged in Athens, Greece, the official photobook from the event has just been released.

Simply entitled, Akropolis, the book is exclusively available from Elpida in Greece. Elpida ('Hope' in English) is the charity who helps children who are suffering with cancer. Money from the concerts last year went towards building a children's hospital in Athens.

Quick facts about the book:

  • Limited edition of 3,000 copies
  • Only available to purchase from Elpida in Greece
  • The size of the book is 27cm x 36 cm (larger than A4)
  • Book contains 110 pages using heavy quality glossy art paper
  • Written introductions by Jean Michel Jarre and Marianna Vardinoyannis (both in Greek and English)
  • Featuring over 400 photographs from the build-up, the rehearsals, the concerts and the projections used
  • Photographs are a mixture of colour, black and white, digital video grabs and artwork
  • Price for the book is 75 Euro (approximately 50), with profits going towards the children's hospital

    See below for some samples, as ever click for larger images!

    For fans who wish to purchase this book, then the best method is to contact Elpida by email at . Please note that postage is extra for the book and naturally varies from the destination country it has to be sent to and how many books you will order. Please note that Elpida are unable to accept credit cards and the preferred payment method is by bank transfer, information will be passed onto you by email and can vary from geographic location.

    What do you think about the idea of the book? What do you think of the sample photos included? Give your feedback using our news forum now!

    Many thanks to Stratos 'the photographer' Koufos for the information!