by mlp on 04/10/2004.

6 by 4QNRX on 06/10/2004 22:12:13 CET

Oh yeah Davey Boy.... where on earth is this pay site that has been described?????

Do tell

5 by 4QNRX on 06/10/2004 22:03:52 CET


Get me a copy Dave dude....

And I promise you that Dean White will end up in the chicken noodles whilst in China Land 8)

4 by AMR on 06/10/2004 15:59:30 CET

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround? *gulp*

Makes no sense - if it's a live show, it does not require "encoded" surround... much less "Dolby Digital"... nor does it require the ".1" channel... it's your usual array of bass speakers derived from all channels...

Should be 5.0 surround... all channels feed with full bass and full signal (no need for decoders since the sound gets to each channel in its own dedicated path, no digital compression, no fancy pantsy names)...

Ah well, picky picky me...

Kind Regards,

3 by kidda on 06/10/2004 12:12:33 CET

Paul - We will of course post any news about a UK broadcast of the concert when we recieve it. As usual with Jarre info - watch this space!


2 by revo on 06/10/2004 09:23:25 CET

No, it is not happening - France 2 are showing 60 minutes at 23:20 (CET) on Sunday 10th October, with a DVD release planned for December...

1 by 4QNRX on 06/10/2004 08:04:24 CET

Any news about British Broadcasts Dave?

Best wishes