by mlp on 04/10/2004.

With the final preparations and rehearsals starting this week in Beijing, Revolution can now announce the latest final details about Jean Michel Jarre’s next outdoor concert in Beijing for the opening of the Year of France in China, on Sunday 10 October 2004.

Jean Michel Jarre will be joined on stage by several Chinese artists, amongst them the Symphonic Orchestra of Beijing conducted by Tan Li Hua, the National Orchestra of China conducted by Xu Zhigun and the choir of the China Opera.

From the Forbidden City, the concert will be transmitted on giant High Definition screens in different parts of Beijing. People in China will be able to view the concert live on Chinese Television. Worldwide the concert will be broadcast on Ten hours later, French television channel France 2 will broadcast an hour of the gig (which will last 115 minutes) around 23h30 (CET).

After the concert, videos will be available online on Jean Michel Jarre’s official website and their different national sections (Italy, Denmark, Belgium, etc.). These videos will however only be available for paying members, the benefits gained by these broadcast being transferred to a charity organisation.

Some facts :
- 60 tons / 300 m3 of equipment brought over from France
- A French production team of about 100 persons
- 100.000 Watt audio system and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
- 600 light projectors
- An electric capacity of 3.600 KW
- 20 kilometres of cables
- Symphonic Orchestra of Beijing (85 Chinese musicians)
- Traditional Orchestra of China (85 Chinese musicians)
- Chinese Opera choir (72 persons)
- 100 Chinese actors / Figurants

The same day, 10 October 2004, the ‘Patrouille de France’ (which has opened Jarre’s Concert For Tolerance at the Eiffel Tower in 1995) will display their magnificent tricolour show above Beijing during the afternoon.

Finally we can already reveal the following tracks will be part of the track list : click here *spoiler alert*