by kidda on 10/10/2004.

Wow! What a day we had yesterday! From what the production team were saying, things were not looking good for the 60+ fans to witness the dress rehearsal on Saturday evening.

At 15:30 came the news we had been waiting for. We all needed to get copies of our passport and visas to the production team, and there was a possibility we could enter. So we all made a mad dash for our hotels to obtain the required documents.

After handing in the photocopies of the documents, we were told meet back at the Novotel at 18:30 and wait for news.

At 18:30 we were all waiting outside the Novotel. We were then told to meet by the east gate of the Forbidden City in 20 mins!

You can imagine the scene - 60+ Jarre fans running down the road. Welcome to the 2004 Beijing Jarre Olympics!

At the gate we were given small stickers and were then permitted to enter. We were ushered to the stage area only to be told that we shouldn’t be there. What happened next was totally unexpected. We were again ushered again to another area. Only this area we directly in front of the stage! WOW!

The concert rehearsal was visually stunning, but because of our position, the speakers were situated behind us, so we couldn’t really grasp the 5.1 surround.

It was a very privileged position to be in, and nobody complained!

I’m sure I speak for all Jarre fans in Beijing when I say this: a BIG thank-you to Lina and Signe for their communications with the production team and their negations for getting us all into the concert rehearsal.