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RECENT DOWN-TIME by revo on 21/01/2004. [read 4 comments]

Just a quick message to apologise for the lack of updates, in addition to the downtime of the news db, which apparently started this weekend. Thanks to all of you who emailed to let us know, the problem is now fixed, it looked like a remote db backup went 'slightly wrong' - but all is now fixed with a number of articles to be online soon. [MORE]

JARRE'S CHINA TRIP FEATURED IN PARIS-MATCH by mlp on 13/12/2003. [read 1 comment]

Jean Michel Jarre's recent trip to China with the French ministre of culture Jean-Jacques Aillagon, French actors Jacques Perrin and Nathalie Baye, is featured in the current issue of Paris-Match (N°2847 - 17/12/2003) and La Libre Match (N°118 - 17/12/2003). The one page article includes a photo of the French committee at the Opera of Peking, while the report reveals Jean Michel Jarre has been .... [MORE]


The latest issue of French record collecting Jukebox Magazine features a review of Christophe’s album Les Mots Bleus, as one of the key albums of French rock during the seventies. The article mentions the history of the album recording together with Jean Michel Jarre and focuses mostly on the musical importance of the record and its preceded Les Paradis Perdus, the first album in French pop/rock .... [MORE]

NEW JARRE MAILING LISTS by revo on 21/11/2003. [comments?]

Two new Jean Michel Jarre discussion mailing lists have been created earlier this month. For fans who are not familiar with the concept of discussion mailing lists, you can subscribe to the list, receive emails from other fans participating in various discussions, and you are able to participate in the discussion by sending emails yourself. It is not the the kind of mailing list in which you onl .... [MORE]

AERO ALBUM UPDATE by mlp on 27/10/2003. [comments?]

We can now announce more details concerning the news article posted last week about the Aero album. The title of Jean Michel Jarre's next release will indeed be called Aero, however unlike we have announced, this will not be a complete new studio album. There has been some confusion with our previous article, which we want to correct this time and put the facts correct. The confusion is due to .... [MORE]

NEW STUDIO ALBUM FOR JM JARRE by mlp on 20/10/2003. [read 5 comments]

Jean Michel Jarre is currently composing his next album in his new studio. The studio album (not to be confused with the Best Of or other project releases), is announced to be released during 2004, and will be entitled 'Aero'. However as we know from the past, album titles do often change in the production process ... [MORE]


Yesterday night, Jean Michel Jarre's father Maurice Jarre was the guest of honour at the annual World Soundtrack Awards ceremony of the Flanders International Film Festival. The legendary three-time Oscar winning composer received the World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award for his impressive musical career. Maurice Jarre composed the Oscar winning music for the films Lawrence of Arabia, Do .... [MORE]

JEAN MICHEL JARRE FANS WORLDWIDE: URGENT REQUEST by kidda on 10/10/2003. [read 3 comments]

We have received the following email today from Jean Michel Jarre's management team, which is requesting fans help for a research project: JEAN MICHEL JARRE FANS WORLDWIDE: WE NEED YOUR URGENT HELP FOR A RESEARCH PROJECT ! Please send 1 photo in the context of your daily life of your vision and/or emotion that you feel when you listen to Jean Michel's music... accompanied by a phrase of w .... [MORE]

JARRE IN BRUSSELS TO CAMPAIGN AGAINST LOWER TAXES ON CDS by revo on 07/10/2003. [read 2 comments]

Jean Michel Jarre has been in the Belgian capital today to champion the cause for taxes to be reduced for sales of CDs. Jarre was with Belgian performer Helmut Lotti and music executives to make their case for a reduction in VAT, with Jarre commenting, "There is real discrimination between music and all other forms of expression, it's a life and death issue for the music business." Read .... [MORE]

WE'RE ALIVE AND KICKING by revo on 07/10/2003. [read 3 comments]

A short notice to all fans that this website is by no means dead, despite the sheer lack of activity. There has been a few reasons as to why there has been no updates in this time, however what is important now is the future, rather than looking back at the past. The next few days will feature some back-dated news which has been initially missed over the last few months, although most of you w .... [MORE]

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