by mlp on 27/10/2003.

We can now announce more details concerning the news article posted last week about the Aero album. The title of Jean Michel Jarre's next release will indeed be called Aero, however unlike we have announced, this will not be a complete new studio album. There has been some confusion with our previous article, which we want to correct this time and put the facts correct. The confusion is due to our source, who have also mislead some French media, who in turn have already announced Aero as the new studio album (e.g. Platine magazine).

Jean Michel Jarre is indeed working in his new studio at this very moment on Aero, however he is working with Francis Rimbert on new arrangements of his older tracks for a special 'Best Of' compilation to be released during 2004. The title, as it says, will not by coincidence recall memories of a certain concert in a certain windmill park ...

We hope to bring you more information in the following weeks regarding this release.