by revo on 21/01/2004.

4 by JMJFAN on 13/03/2004 16:18:40 CET

'Number of articles to be online soon' That was posted on 21/01/2004.

Is this site now closed?

3 by JMJFAN on 26/01/2004 11:04:41 CET

Sad to say but GPotterUK is right. Got to the point where if I want to know any news this is the last site I look at now.

New album covers, tracks, news are all available on other sites..Not one mention on here...

This site used to be the best, but now??

2 by GPotterUK on 25/01/2004 14:20:30 CET

This place needs more than just good luck. Totally lacking in any substance compared to and Was once a great site.

1 by mivo on 22/01/2004 12:25:03 CET

Good luck :D