by revo on 21/11/2003.

Two new Jean Michel Jarre discussion mailing lists have been created earlier this month. For fans who are not familiar with the concept of discussion mailing lists, you can subscribe to the list, receive emails from other fans participating in various discussions, and you are able to participate in the discussion by sending emails yourself. It is not the the kind of mailing list in which you only receive email updates.

A list has been hosted on since 1995, and after eight years, this has now been moved to Yahoo! Groups for a number of reasons. You are able to subscribe to this list with or without a Yahoo! email account, with more information can be found at Jean Michel Jarre Yahoo! Groups Page - to subscribe to the list, send a blank email to

A second list has been created due to the move from to Yahoo! Groups, with some fans citing the claim of possible spam abuse within Yahoo! Therefore a second list has been created by a Dutch fan, which can be found at

Our advice to fans is to subscribe to which list(s) you wish, some people have been members of other Yahoo! Groups based mailing lists for years, without receiving any kind of email based spam. However, rather than try to dictate or to act with bias, we have provided information of both lists and yourself can decide which one, maybe even both, to subscribe to.