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JARRE INTERVIEW IN THE GUARDIAN by revo on 17/09/2004. [comments?]

As mentioned yesterday, today's copy of the Guardian newspaper in the UK has an interview with Jean Michel, which is also featured online at the Guardian website. The planned Metro article has been put back until next week, we did warn you about schedules and delays! We will let you know the planned date once it is known. [MORE]

JM JARRE INTERVIEW IN LA DERNIÈRE HEURE (BELGIUM) by mlp on 17/09/2004. [comments?]

Jean Michel Jarre is interviewed today in the Belgian French language newspaper La Dernière Heure. The article features naturally his new album Aero, the collaboration with French actress Anne Parillaud and the recording of his older compositions for Aero. In the interview, Jean Michel Jarre reveals he has composed a lot of material the past three years which will be included in his new forthco .... [MORE]

FREE CD WITH VSD MAGAZINE IN FRANCE by revo on 16/09/2004. [comments?]

An in-depth feature on Jean Michel, including a free CD of Aerology (new track from Aero) is included in the new issue of VSD, released today in France. Click here to buy VSD magazine online. [MORE]

UK MEDIA UPDATE - MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPER/TV by revo on 16/09/2004. [comments?]

Jean Michel Jarre is to be featured in the following UK newspapers, as follows: The Guardian - Friday 17th September Metro - Friday 17th September (free newspaper distributed in London) As ever, please check the publication before buying anything, since schedules can and do change! The information is correct as of today and links to the articles will be added once available. A small f .... [MORE]

INTERVIEW ON BBC BREAKFAST by revo on 16/09/2004. [comments?]

Jean Michel Jarre was interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning, who is currently in London today. Missed it? Fear not, a video of the interview is online (BBC story and direct link to RealVideo). [MORE]

JARRE INTERVIEW ON BBC RADIO 2 TODAY by revo on 10/09/2004. [comments?]

A pre-recorded interview with Jean Michel will be broadcast on the Steve Wright show today on BBC Radio 2, between 2pm and 5pm (BST). Listen to the interview online here. Thanks to Colly. [MORE]

JARRE INTERVIEW IN THE INDEPENDENT by revo on 25/08/2004. [comments?]

An interview is featured in today's edition of The Indpendent newspaper in the UK, with the same feature available online too. No doubt most of you will be aware that a new compilation album, Aero, will be released next month, with a concert planned for Beijing, China on 10th October. More information to follow imminently - despite our lack of activity during the past months... [MORE]

ADJANI INTERVIEW IN ELLE MAGAZINE by mlp on 28/05/2004. [read 2 comments]

The new issue of the French weekly magazine Elle features a six page interview with Jean Michel Jarre’s fiancée, Isabelle Adjani. The French actress talks about her personal life, her sons, her personnality ; Jean Michel Jarre is mentionned quite a lot in the article (how he carries on with her nine year old child, how they both try to look young, how amazed he is by her calm day-to-day life, etc .... [MORE]

JARRE FEATURED IN THEREMIN BIOGRAPHY by mlp on 26/03/2004. [comments?]

This week's issue of the Belgian magazine Veto features a biography of the Russian inventor Leon Theremin, due to a recent theatre tour by Braakland / Zhe Bilding about Theremin's life and inventions. The article mentions Jean Michel Jarre's involvement in the "comeback" of this instrument in the late 90s and the inclusion of the instrument in his work. A big photo of Jean Michel Jarre playing .... [MORE]

POSSIBLE CONCERT IN BULGARIA by kidda on 14/03/2004. [read 3 comments]

The Foreign Affairs spokesperson for Bulgaria, Lyubomir Todorov announced on the 9th March that Bulgaria and Romania are preparing to mark their entry into NATO by celebrating with a spectacular Jean Michel Jarre concert at the Danube Bridge. Details are very sketchy at the moment as this project is still in the early stages of conception, but we will of course keep you updated with news of t .... [MORE]

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