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LES GRANGES BRLES RELEASED IN FRANCE by revo on 05/03/2003. [comments?]

The soundtrack to Les Granges Brles was released in France on Monday 3rd March, as per schedule. More details about the album can be found in our previous news item. Order Les Granges Brles now at! Release was also planned for Belgium and Netherlands for the same day, however this has been delayed with the distributor (which handles distribution for Benelux territorie .... [MORE]

LES GRANGES BRLES TO BE RELEASED ON CD IN EUROPE by revo on 17/02/2003. [comments?]

Les Granges Brles to be released on CD in Europe The soundtrack to the 1973 French film, Les Granges Brles is about to be released on CD for the first time. Jean Michel Jarre composed the album for the film which features Alain Delon and Simone Signoret, an experience in which he expressed to be less than enjoyable, due to extreme time pressure in composing the music. Les Granges Brle .... [MORE]

SESSIONS 2000 NOW RELEASED IN THE USA/CANADA by revo on 21/01/2003. [comments?]

Following on from our news item in November, Sessions 2000 is now released in the USA. Availability of the album will not be totally widespread, but should be available in the larger record stores. The album is being distributed by Koch in the USA and Fusion 3 in Canada. Of course, fans can also buy the album from e-tailers in the USA/Canada, including Amazon: Buy Sessions 2000 now from am .... [MORE]

SESSIONS 2000 USA RELEASE CONFIRMED by revo on 26/11/2002. [read 4 comments]

Sessions 2000 will be released in the USA on Tuesday 21st January 2003, click here to pre-order the item at [MORE]

SESSIONS 2000 - FRENCH CHART POSITION AND GERMAN RELEASE by revo on 05/11/2002. [read 6 comments]

Sessions 2000 has just managed to scrape into the French album charts at position 140, view the latest official French album chart. The album, unsurprisingly, failed to chart in the UK at all. The album was released in Germany on Monday 4th November, click here to buy Sessions 2000 from [MORE]

SESSIONS 2000 WILL BE OUT IN THE UK ON MONDAY by revo on 25/10/2002. [read 9 comments]

Following on from our latest post on Wednesday regarding the UK release of Sessions 2000, it has now been brought to our attention from the distributors that the release date will be Monday 28th October - the same date as France, Belgium, Switzerland and Netherlands. The press release we received (click here to read the text - names and contact details removed to protect the guilty) clearly sta .... [MORE]

SESSIONS 2000 - UK RELEASE DELAYED AND EXCERPTS ONLINE by revo on 23/10/2002. [read 2 comments]

The new Jean Michel Jarre album, Sessions 2000, will now be released in the UK on Monday 4th November, a delay of one week from the original release date. More information about the UK release can be found here and can be purchased online at A few sites now have 30 second samples of each track from the album, click the links below to get a taste of Sessions 2000: Sessions 2000 .... [MORE]

SESSIONS 2000 RECEIVES UK DISTRIBUTION by revo on 16/10/2002. [read 1 comment]

It has now been confirmed that Jean Michel Jarre's forthcoming studio album, Sessions 2000, will be released and distributed in the UK on Monday 28th October. An independent distributor is responsible for the UK release. Despite many fans stating that this Jean Michel Jarre's last recording for Sony Music, this is simply not the case. Only some localised Sony regions are being used on a distr .... [MORE]

RELEASES CONFIRMED FOR SESSIONS 2000 by mlp on 09/10/2002. [read 3 comments]

The release of Sessions 2000, the new album of Jean Michel Jarre, has been confirmed for 28 October in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland. In these countries, the albums will be distributed by Francis Dreyfus Music and independent distributors, NOT by Sony Music Europe (as this was the case in Holland before, since 1997). It is very likely the album will only be released in these countries .... [MORE]

SESSIONS 2000 - NEW JEAN MICHEL JARRE ALBUM by mlp on 03/10/2002. [read 15 comments]

A new Jean Michel Jarre album will be released on Monday 28th October by Francis Dreyfus Music in France, Belgium and Switzerland (no confirmed dates for other European countries at present). The album entitled Sessions 2000 is a mixture of six electro-jazz jams by Jean Michel Jarre and Francis Rimbert, recorded in the Croissy Studio and mixed by Joachim Garraud in the Square Prod Studio. .... [MORE]

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