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Be a SMS Reporter!

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Another groundbreaking exclusive on Revolution on the Web!
Be a LIVE SMS reporter from Denmark for the Aero concert!

Following on from our very popular SMS reporting service in the past, we are delighted to announce that the service will be to ANY fan, who will have the opportunity to be a LIVE SMS reporter!

Click on any question below to learn more about LIVE SMS reports and how you can become a LIVE SMS reporter straight away! Alternatively refer to our quick reference guide on how to become a LIVE SMS reporter in just a few minutes!

1. What are LIVE SMS reports?
2. How does LIVE SMS reports work?
3. So how do I become a LIVE SMS reporter?
4. Why is my mobile number required to become a LIVE SMS reporter?
5. How do LIVE SMS reporters send a SMS?
6. Can I send a test SMS now to check everything is working?
7. What can I write as a LIVE SMS reporter?
8. When can I write as a LIVE SMS reporter?
9. What are the costs to be a LIVE SMS reporter?
10. Is the LIVE SMS report system reliable?
11. Having technical problems becoming a LIVE SMS reporter?
Live SMS reporter quick reference set-up guide

1. You need to be a lounge member of Revolution on the Web, click here to login (a new window will appear to login). Enter your details, and then from your personal page, click on ''edit your personal details' from the left hand menu, to enter your mobile phone number, it is essential that this is accurate.

2. From the left hand menu on this page, select 'Test Page' and follow the instructions to send a test SMS. Within a few seconds, your SMS should be online associated with your lounge members login name.

That's all there is to it! :-)

If you are not a lounge member or you can not remember your login details, please refer to question 3 and repeat from the beginning of this step.

Please look through this guide for more details on the system, detailed in the 11 questions shown above.