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LIVE SMS reports from Le Printemps de Bourges for Audio Brunch!

After our hugely successful and extremely popular SMS reporting from Athens last year at the Akropolis shows, it is back for the Audio Brunch event at Le Printemps de Bourges. To remind you, reports will be sent to Revolution on the Web using mobile phones and the SMS service, updated automatically (except for any possible delays that may occur on mobile networks).

The event itself is not like a real concert, however as reported, it should contain some excerpts of the new studio album currently being prepared, so we wish to let you know as soon as possible as to what all of us can expect.

PLEASE NOTE - The messages sent on here may contain a number of spoilers, as to music style being adopted on the new album. Therefore, if you do not want anything spoilt, then we strongly urge you NOT to read this page. The page may also contain quite a bit of light hearted fun and humour, so please do not expect 100% Jarre facts on this page!

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