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LIVE SMS reports from Beijing for the Forbidden City concert!
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Daily report: 07/10/2004
(Message timestamps are in CET - London is CET-1, Beijing is CET+7)

16:40 SMS from kidda
Wow. Been up for what seems like hours... Hang on - it has been! About 38 to be precise.

15:39 SMS from Col
No sign of anything on tiananamen square yet. No screens or speakers.

13:37 SMS from kidda
At the concert site now! Nice lighting and lots of inflatable screens. Looking good for a great concert on Sunday.

12:28 SMS from Col
@ ( @@ce but theres not been any loud music yet!

12:28 SMS from Col
@ ( @The projections will be on giant inflatable shape. The lights look superb too. Jarres setup looks like aero with the bell. Surround speakers are in pla

11:57 SMS from Little
So today is my day ... Moving to Como where i will sleep the night and tomorrow i will take the plane ...