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LIVE SMS reports from Beijing for the Forbidden City concert!
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Daily report: 06/10/2004
(Message timestamps are in CET - London is CET-1, Beijing is CET+7)

18:58 SMS from Little
So lot of pals are already in china or near to arrive ... Please please ... Find some damn tickets!

11:10 SMS from Col
Test 2

11:03 SMS from kidda
Testing kidda address!

10:39 SMS from Col
Morning all

09:32 SMS from revo
I am not on this trip, staying in France instead. Wishing everybody going a good trip and I will wait for France 2 on Sunday evening.

08:59 SMS from kidda
Good morning! The day has finally come. Col and I leave for Beijing at 16:30. For those also traveling today, have a good flight and see you in there!

03:14 SMS from Howie
Right, leaving for heathrow in 1hr & 15 mins. See you all in Beijing! Howard

01:26 SMS from Little
Ok ... 2 more days to wait before leaving ... I will arrive in Beijing the 9th just in time for the gig !! Do not start without me :-)

00:40 SMS from Little
System up and running!