by kidda on 14/03/2004.

3 by shoom on 19/07/2004 22:24:11 CET

I am a true JMJ fan, and I must say this: NATO is an appaling terror-bringing organisation which bombed my country with deepleted uranium bombs and that country is also in south-east EUROPE geographically, even more west. NATO brings more instability and terror than it ever did before, no one should support it in any way. When I was younger I dreamt of world with no borders or at least more administrative borders like in Europe today, now I can only hope people as human beings, technology and nature will prevail.

2 by jan mi6el on 04/07/2004 06:54:02 CET

Edno vreme kogato dojde Tina Turner
q nakaraha da pee za bez pari
A sega kakwo li 6te e...
dano vse pak dano dojde
Pone wednaj na 30 godini da vijdame ne6to

1 by deano on 20/03/2004 01:48:15 CET

it sounds like another,beirut,cuba,venice situation to me,BUT i might be wrong,i said moscow would never happen,,,so we will see???