by revo on 12/05/2003.

Plans for a DVD release of Paris La Defense have now been definitely cancelled by Quantum Leap. The DVD release, that was planned for Monday 26th May in the UK, was to be a 75 minute version of the 1990 spectacular, identical to the VHS release from the early 90s.

It seems there has been an issue over licensing and hence the DVD release will now not be happening after consultations with Jean Michel Jarre's management.

We were first made aware of the release a few weeks ago with it being offered on some e-tail websites to pre-order, and due to a number of uncertainities, we decided to keep the news offline until we had something concrete.

To avoid any possible confusion, the DVD that was reported online by some parties to be a part of Jean Michel Jarre's own personal plans to release his shows on the DVD format, is most definitely not the case.

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Thanks to 'you-know-who' for the information.