by revo on 23/03/2003.

The French film, Qui Veut Devenir Une Star? (Who Wants To Be A Star?) will be released on DVD format in Japan on Wednesday 23rd April 2003. The film was shot during 2001 in the time where shows like Big Brother started to make the headlines around the world, with Jean Michel Jarre composing a soundtrack for the film in Dolby Digital 5.1.

Please refer to past news items on Revolution on the web for more information about the film and background information:

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With the soundtrack for the film being new (however expect the same melody repeated numerous times), the DVD is set to interest fans worldwide. To view the DVD, you must ensure before ordering your equipment can play both Region 2 DVD titles and your display can view NTSC signals (both your player and TV must be NTSC compatiable for playback). If in doubt, contact your local DVD dealer or point for purchase to verify the above.

The DVD is already available on pre-sale at both amazon.co.jp and hmv.co.jp, priced at 3,800 Yen (approximately 20 or 30 Euro):

Buy Who Wants To Be A Star? from amazon.co.jp (in English)

Buy Who Wants To Be A Star? from hmv.co.jp

At the moment, the information page on amazon.co.jp is just in Japanese, however you can order the title in English (see links above - the ordering process can be done entirely in English). If you have an existing account from a different Amazon site, such as amazon.co.uk or amazon.fr, it will not work with the amazon.co.jp - you will need to create a new account, but this can be done in English. The advantage of purchasing the DVD from amazon.co.jp is the relative low shipping fee, which for the UK starts from just 900 Yen for economy airmail shipping (4.75 or 7 Euro).

Ordering at hmv.co.jp is somewhat easier (as in more information is in English), however the shipping is a lot more expensive at 2,500 Yen for the UK, for example (13 or 20 Euro).

Whatever site you do use to order the DVD, it is worth stating again to please verify your DVD set-up can play back DVDs set to Region 2 and NTSC - also please keep in mind that you may be liable for import duty and tax when your order arrives. This varies depending on your country, amazon.co.jp has a page dedicated to import duty and tax.

We will report more information about the DVD release as soon as we receive it - at present it is not expected the DVD will be released outside Japan.

Thanks to Colly for the news and detailed information!