by revo on 09/07/2002.

Jean Michel Jarre will be in Brussels tomorrow for the 4th IFPI Platinum Europe Awards, as detailed on here during May.

Jean Michel will actually be present at two events for the IFPI:

  • Jean Michel Jarre will host a press conference at 10:15 accompanied by John Kennedy, President and Chief Operating Officer, Universal Music International, and Jay Berman, Chairman and CEO of IFPI. The subject of the press conference is against the 'Music for Free' culture in which more and more music is either being copied or downloaded for free.

  • The evening will see the 4th IFPI Platinum Europe Awards being hosted by Jean Michel Jarre, with European Commission Vice-President Neil Kinnock presenting the awards. Special honours will be presented to Luciano Pavarotti and Sir Bob Geldof. More information can be found in our previous article and on the IFPI official website.

    We have been recently asked by a number of fans if the awards are being broadcast live on TV and the simple answer is no. There will be a large media representation at both the press conference and the awards tomorrow, but nothing will go live.

    We advise fans to look out for news programmes during tomorrow, especially in Europe and of course in particularly Belgium :-) In the past, coverage has featured on several Belgian news channels and the BBC. Channels such as BBC News 24, Sky News, and LCI are a good bet for coverage tomorrow, in addition to the Belgian news channels. Due to the issue of free music and MP3s, it is possibly the press conference will feature on a lot of news broadcasts tomorrow.

    Look out for an update during the day tomorrow featuring all the news direct from the press conference. We will also keep you fully updated with any media coverage, and if you see, hear or read any coverage from the IFPI awards then please get in contact at - thanks in advance!