by mlp on 15/10/2001.

A new Jarre album is planned for September 2002. Francis Rimbert and Jean Michel Jarre are working very close at the moment in Croissy. The next months, they will be working on various projects like soundtracks (Qui Veut Devenir une Star), jingles, scores etc, which will not be released but will be for them like a mixture of experiences before working properly on the new studio album. Today, no work has been done yet for the new album, although its release date is still planned for September 2002. We feel it is very likely this date will be delayed, with all the projects (concerts) to be prepared as well.

Joachim Garraud is again working with Jean Michel Jarre, but compared to Metamorphoses his work will more be the finishing production, working on stereo effects in his Parisian studio. Rimbert and Jarre are experimentating in the studio with analogue material again (old pedals ...) and the new album is expected to be 'genuine Jarre' again, although this doesn't mean it will be a return to the Oxygene of Equinoxe style : the new album is announced to be something 'completely different' but in pure Jarre style. Rimbert stressed out there won't be any techno at all !