Various PR photos promoting Aero from 2002

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Jean Michel will perform his first outdoor concert in Scandinavia with Aero

Jean Michel flanked by miniature windmills

Aero is a tribute to the wind

The concert venue consists of 15 wind-turbine windmills

Peter Sand from Muskelsvindfonden and Jean Michel Jarre

Jean Michel will perform to an audience of 35,000 people

Jean Michel Jarre and Safri Duo with Jes Erik Jessen from Muskelsvindfonden

Jean Michel Jarre at the Grøn Koncert in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2002

Uffe Savery (left) and Morten Friis (right) of Safri Duo with Jean Michel Jarre in July 2002

Aero will show the best and the worst aspects of the wind

Jean Michel Jarre at Gammel Vrå Enge

Safri Duo will be guest performers at Aero

Jean Michel Jarre at the Aero concert site - September 2002

Jean Michel Jarre (and cows) at the Aero concert site - September 2002

Press conference staged at at Tylstrup on Tuesday 3rd September

Palle Kjeldgaard, Henning G. Jensen, Jean Michel Jarre and Henri Schumann on Tuesday 3rd September

Ras (blue hair) of Magnetic Fields gets in the picture :-)

Jean Michel at the press conference staged on Tuesday 3rd September